About Us

Hi, I'm Marco. 

About two years ago, I decided to propose to my then-girlfriend. We were attending a friend’s wedding in Bali, Indonesia in a few months and the trip would be the perfect time to propose.

So I got to work planning the proposal. I wanted to blow her away and make sure she said yes so everything had to be perfect.

One fine Monday morning, I Googled “best places to propose in bali” kicking off a process that would end up in tens of hours spent and hundreds of emails sent.

The first step was to pore through 10 - 20 blog posts on ideas of where I could propose. I shortlisted approximately 10 hotels and sent them all emails - simple enough.

I received quotes back from all 10 hotels and introductions to different providers -  printers, fireworks, photographers, videographers and decorators. Each hotel had a different preferred provider (with whom their guests got preferred rates). So in order to get an actual view of how much a proposal at each of these locations would cost, I had to email each of these providers. With over 50 data points at this point, I had to build an excel sheet for this proposal - this was getting very complex.

After hundreds of emails, several costly long-distance calls and tens of hours spent, finally, I picked one property and the big day came around. We checked in to the hotel and around sunset, I convinced my girlfriend to head out for dinner. As I was walking to the venue, I realised that after all that work, I still had no idea what the actual venue would look like.

Luckily for me, the venue looked amazing and did achieve my goal of completely blowing her away! However, there were still some tiny things I would have changed - a different photographer, cut the flowers, different arrangement of the candles.

And that’s when it occurred to me - there HAD to be a better way of arranging a luxury romantic dinner and so, Romantic Dinners was born.

I hope you find this platform as useful as I would have when I kicked off this process.

Founder, Romantic Dinners

P.S. She said yes!