How It Works

Hey there, this is a quick explanation of how Romantic Dinners works and what you can expect when you make a romantic dinner booking!

1. Select the dinner you're interested in

We've curated the best romantic dinners available in each city. Our dinners are stand-alone dinners (no transfers, add-ons etc.) The dinner decor is as you'll see on the pictures. If you'd like to request additional decor, transfers or something special, please feel free to contact us here.

2. Choose the date and the menu

If you've found a dinner you would like to book, select your preferred date for the dinner on the calendar, select the menu option you'd prefer (if any) and hit the Take Me There button.

3. Complete your booking request

In order to complete your booking request, you'll need to complete the checkout process. Click on the "Checkout" button, enter your personal information and your payment information. You will receive a Booking Received email. 

4. Your credit card will not be charged

Your credit card will not be charged at this point - only an authorization will be made.

5. We'll coordinate with the resort / supplier

Once you've made your booking request, we'll get in touch with the resort / supplier and confirm availability. This may take up to 72 hours to confirm but typically we try to confirm within 24 hours.

6a. Your booking is confirmed

If the dinner is available, your booking will be confirmed. You will receive a Booking Confirmed email. The email will include your dinner location & all relevant details for your dinner. Once the dinner is confirmed, your credit card will be charged.

6b. Your booking is not available

In some instances, the resort might be completely booked out for a wedding or the dinner may already be booked. If your booking is not available, you'll receive a Booking Unavailable email. You then have a choice of selecting a different dinner on your preferred date, the same dinner on a different date or if you would like to cancel your booking altogether, we can release the authorization on your credit card and your card will not be charged.

7. Enjoy your romantic dinner

On the dinner day, simply show up at the meeting point highlighted in your Booking Confirmed email and let the concierge know that you're there for a romantic dinner. Enjoy!